mardi 29 mai 2012

JPost - last but not least!

Even though I stopped interning for the Jerusalem Post a few months ago already, some of my latest articles hadn't been put on this blog yet. So here we are:

Book review of the autobiography of Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky
Meeting with Ben Brafman, famous for having defended DSK last year
Presentation of The Israel Project, a local NGO
Visit of a new and much needed infant care center in the Arab neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem
Emmanuel Navon, professor of international relations in Tel-Aviv university and new member of the Likud central committee on the primaries in the party in January.
Meeting with Laurent Fabius, who since became the new Foreign Affairs minister of France
What is it to be both a religious Jew and gay? (part 1 and 2)
Book review of a translated and annotated version of a book of the rav Kook by Beno Gross (professor of philophy in Bar-Ilan university)

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